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Voice-Over: Knoll Well Being

Another Killer Infographics voice-over job.  I remember this one being fairly easy, maybe because I didn’t have to stretch very far outside of my natural speaking voice.  Here I will explain the value of employee well-being and it’s impact on the workplace and employees.

I’ve worked with KI several times now, and they’re pretty fair.  They prefer to record at their studio and that’s fine with me – it’s a refreshing change from recording/editing your own voice.  Overall it’s a great experience.

Knoll Well-Being from Killer Infographics on Vimeo.


Drum Machines for Newbs

The Majestic, Linn LM-1

This is crucial information if you want to learn music production, especially electronic music using MIDI. I have been programming MIDI since 1989 and have owned several classing drum machines such as the Oberheim DX, Alesis HR-16, EMU SP-12 and the Roland TR-505. This article is a crash course in drum machines and how to use them.

What is a drum machine? -Drum machines are sequencers with a sample or synth component that makes drum sounds, and allows the user to make drum beats and play the sequence back in musical time. In other words, it is a programmable drummer.

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Salmon Calendar Marker

What is a Cue Sheet and Do I Need to File One?

A performance rights organization (PRO) like ASCAP and BMI collects royalties between copyright holders and parties who wish to use copyrighted works publicly (such as in film, television, and radio).

Performing rights organizations monitor their members’ music when it is performed on the radio. In the radio, on television, and in film performances, PROs use what is known as a “cue sheet” to keep track of whose music is used in which broadcast or film. These Cue Sheets are filled out by the producer and submitted to each PRO who has a member represented on the Cue Sheet.

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Disappearing Seattle Dinosaurs

* This is a comment thread (list) from an article from a Seattle newspaper, about disappearing venues around the city.

1. Beeliner Diner in Wallingford

They had a sign that said: eat it and beat it! That plus the wait staff yelled at kitchen help each order in diner “code.” I asked one of the waiters why he worked there, and he replied: “It’s therapy!”

2. The Western in Downtown

A couple ran the diner, from someplace in the midwest. Felt like a trucker’s diner, someplace out on the hightway…

Posted by: Bob Lilly at July 12, 2005 01:12 PM

Four places:
Ruby Café-the smallest indoor espresso café

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Make Beats in Pro Tools

Make beats in Pro Tools – as the most commonly used DAW software, Pro Tools is also a powerful MIDI machine and I use exclusively to make electronic music. If you are looking for a way to start making beats or learn to make electronic music, this is a great place to start. Look into the other videos in the Professional Recording Tips series for more ideas.

You can automate everything inside all of the plugins, and you can edit audio outside of the plugins you are using and then import them into the sampler.