I’m a freelance sound engineer based in Seattle, WA. I have recorded, edited and mixed sound for film, advertising, voiceover, and original recordings for artists and bands. My supernatural hearing makes me a powerful asset to studio and live environments, in addition to field and voice recordings.

My work has been used by Discovery Networks, Animal Planet, Velocity Network, Two M Films, Killer Infographics, The Hive, The IFL and Entercom.






The most important phase of the recording process, because great sounds = great recordings. That is advanced math but it's true - Great recordings will always be their best when the sounds captured in the very beginning are the best they can be. Let's not forget the performance.

I can be the engineer you need, to be a part of the project and contribute to it's success. In other words, you can leave everything to me and just show up and play.


Mixing is an art, powered by the benefit of truly supernatural hearing. The latter, I do indeed possess.

I am a fan of sound and music, and I always appreciate good sound and want to improve it when possible. Like a compulsive need to balance things. I am a Libra.

Anyway I love to mix multitrack recordings and try to give them that ``F#@k Yeah!`` quality, as I have heard it said throughout the years in professional settings.

I will provide for you, the magic of mixing.


You've got some sounds recorded and it's some pretty great material. Now what? You need to edit things and prepare them for mixing, and no better place to start than with the editor.

Get rid of background noise, clicks, pops, thuds, smacks, bangs, mouth noises and hissing/buzzing/humming... you get it. OR add all that stuff back in. That's more sound design but you see where I'm going with this. Sound editing is part of what I do.


Mastering is basically bringing the project to the people, as they will eventually consume it. Nowadays, this means to take into consideration all of the mediums in play - mobile devices, small bluetooth speakers on up to autos, clubs and theaters. Master it!

Voice Talent

I've had the opportunity to do voiceover work for commercial media such as audiobooks, advertisements and infomercials.


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