Another Killer Infographics voice-over job.  I remember this one being fairly easy, maybe because I didn’t have to stretch very far outside of my natural speaking voice.  Here I will explain the value of employee well-being and it’s impact on the workplace and employees.

I’ve worked with KI several times now, and they’re pretty fair.  They prefer to record at their studio and that’s fine with me – it’s a refreshing change from recording/editing your own voice.  Overall it’s a great experience.

Knoll Well-Being from Killer Infographics on Vimeo.


John Longen


I've been writing music, programming MIDI and recording multi-track sound since 1989, and performing voice work professionally since 2005. My music can be found in several TV shows like Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, Velocity Network’s All Girls Garage and Discovery Network’s Hell on Hooves. I've composed production music for films, advertising, broadcast, live sports entertainment and corporate media. I earned an A.A.A.S. degree in Audio Engineering from Shoreline Community College (2013), and studied Voice Over at UNLV (2008). I've also played guitar, bass and drums in a few bands.