This is my Korg D888 upgrade project that includes the replacing the HDD with 120 GB SSD, replacing fader caps with white versions (4mm) and replacing plastic panels with wood side panels. This is v1.1, where I’ve added the SSD and new fader caps and an extremely rough pair of wood panels.

Some of my best recordings were made on a Tascam Portastudio 246, multitrack cassette recorder.  This is my quest to find the perfect living room recording machine where you could have this in front of the fireplace on a rug, TV in the background.  Effects boxes everywhere. Small guitar amps and we have an upright piano in the other room.

There aren’t really any devices like this that I’ve seen, where it’s laid out like a classic recording console and tape machine or just an old-school multitrack recorder. I even thought about adding a vinyl armrest or in this case a palm-rest, made of black vinyl and foam. That would make it complete.

I have a Boss RE-20 Space Echo pedal that I’ll use with this machine, recording on the way in and eventually finding a way to do an effects send to an outboard device. I think you can do it with this machine.

Anyway this is version 1.1 and I plan to replace the wood panels with ones cut on a table saw or better yet, a CNC machine.

I used a circular saw and a jig saw, so the cuts are all wobbly.  Only 6/10 screws fit because the counter-sunk mounting holes are off, they don’t line up.  In the next version I will see if I can have the wood cut on our CNC machines at my work.

If you want help upgrading your D888 with an SSD drive, I can say this:  Search the web and find the tutorial for replacing the drive and use 120 GB OR SMALLER drive with an adapter, I used an IcyDock 2.5-3.5″ adapter.  Put the new drive in, started the unit and it needed to be initialized.  Competed that and started recording, no problems.  It really was that easy.

I did discover that a 240GB SSD drive would not work – it was stuck in the initialize phase forever.  Then I searched the web and read something about the capacity possibly being 128GB.  The brand of 120GB SSD I used was Kingston.

Check back for next steps where I’ll use better wood and make the panels extend 1/2″ beyond the rear and possibly add vinyl padding below the faders.

UPDATE:  Removed the panels and stained them in walnut.  I didn’t notice until I went to install them, that I stained the wrong side… duh.  Flipped it over and waited overnight to do the final install.


There was an issue with the system somewhere.  I think it’s a digital error because the system freezes in a loop, returns an error message regarding the HD, and unleashed a very loud white noise in the left channel of headphones. Deafening. So I am proceeding with caution.  I have a feeling that is because it was dropped and kicked around per the dents.

1-27-18 UPDATE:  I ended up removing the SSD and using an HDD again, a 60GB 5400 RPM.  It functions flawlessly now, despite the hum of the HDD.

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